How to Exfoliate Skin: 3 Steps to Exfoliate Correctly

how to exfoliate skin

Knowing how to exfoliate skin is a way to ensure a uniform, cared, healthy and hydrated appearance for your skin. After all, this is the skincare stage responsible for carrying out a kind of “regeneration.”

But those who believe that the procedure does not require proper attention are mistaken. 

You need to pay attention to the products used, the specific needs of your skin type, and the ideal schedule so that everything goes as expected.

Here are some tips on how to exfoliate skin while learning all about the wonders of this renewing process.

Enjoy the reading!

What Is and Why Exfoliate Skin?

Skin exfoliation should be your number one ally to have beautiful, smooth skin, free of marks or blemishes. 

That’s because the act of exfoliating the face causes cell renewal. In other words, we say goodbye to dead cells while stimulating the production of new cells.

The new cells come with more collagen and give the much-desired appearance of youth and well-being. This makes exfoliation one of the essential steps in skincare. 

But what makes exfoliation so relevant to skin health?

The habit of exfoliating intensely cleanses this skin, making it difficult for the dreaded blackheads and pimples to appear.

In addition, it eliminates the impurities present in the pores and enhances the action of dermo-cosmetics.

3 Steps on How to Exfoliate Skin

exfoliate skin

These are excellent reasons to learn how to exfoliate skin, and add exfoliation to your care routine, don’t you think? 

Check the following steps to see how to exfoliate skin properly!

Wash Your Face

Even if you feel like your face is clean, it is still necessary to sanitize it before applying cosmetic products when learning how to exfoliate skin. 

To do this, make sure of two things: the temperature of the water and the type of soap for cleaning the skin.

The water must be at room temperature or cold. Hot water opens up your pores and leaves your skin overly exposed, which can be dangerous in this deep cleansing process.

As for the type of soap, it should match your skin type. 

For example, there are four basic types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily, and combination. 

Normal skin does not require any specific product, but other skin types do. 

For instance, dry skin requires intense hydration soaps. Oily skin requires oil control and intensification of cleaning.

As for mixed skin, the best is the soap that strikes the perfect balance between cleaning and hydration.

In short, at this stage, you need to wash your face with warm or cold water and soap suitable for your skin type.

Apply the Exfoliant

Once that’s done, it’s time to add the exfoliant: 

  • Apply a little of the exfoliator to your fingertips with your face still damp. This is the ideal amount for small areas, but you can reapply if necessary. 
  • Then, you should distribute the scrub evenly all over the face. To spread the product, make gentle circular movements on the skin. 
  • Excess pressure when applying the exfoliator will not make it clean the skin more, so make more delicate movements and take the opportunity to relax in this moment of self-care.
  • Each region should be exfoliated for 30 seconds, enough time to stimulate blood circulation.

Pro Tip: Don’t apply too much pressure or do not exceed the massage time so as not to hurt your skin.

Remove the Product

Now it’s the time to rinse your face and enjoy the results. Again, do this with plenty of room temperature or cold water. 

Ensure that you correctly remove all the product (there is always a little bit left on the forehead near the scalp, near the ears, or on the neck/chin part).

After rinsing, you can feel the difference right away. However, for the effect to be lasting, you must finish the routine using your hydration, anti-aging products (if you wish), and the others you usually use.

Even the oiliest skin will need hydration after exfoliation. For these cases, you should use gel or serum products.

Pro Tip: If you have done this ritual during the day, don’t forget your sunscreen. Also, when drying the skin, do not rub your face with a towel. Instead, tap lightly and choose softer towels.

So, are you ready to improve your skincare routine? You can count on Majoe Shea Beauty products!

Now you know how to exfoliate skin correctly, and nothing can stop you!

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