Majoe Shea Beauty is a small, all natural, clean, handmade skincare, woman owned brand based in Sweden. With Shea butter from Sierra Leone/Ghana and beeswax from Ljusdal, Hälsingland as the base ingredients. The main goal is to increase accessibility, transparency, and sustainability in all products. Making sure we pay 2x the fair trade price of Shea butter to the women back home that make it. 

Founder´s story


My name is Annie Yonkotha Samura, founder of Majoe Shea Beauty. 

The name Majoe comes from my beloved grandmother. Growing up my siblings and I enjoyed going on vacation to our late grandmother in Calaba town, Freetown. Her go to product was madoni (shea butter) and it stayed with me. She and I were very closed and she is still very close to my heart. This is something that I am very passionate about, not only because of my grandmother, but also to live up old traditions that have worked for generations. 

I have always had huge interest and respect for natural handmade products. And for years I made my own body butters, hair mask and lots of other skin and haircare. That family and friends have been using for years and loved. I also worked in an all natural store for years in Stockholm, where I got to educate myself more. The idea of starting my own came along when I lived in Ljusdal, which is the North part of Sweden. Not been quite a small town girl, I did however loved how simple life was and how easy to get homemade honey for example was by just taking a stroll or your bicycle. I was blowed away by how much beeswax I saw from this old man I used to get my honey from had. And there then, ideas kept coming in. So of course I bought the beeswax from him and later came with a tin of salve for him to try out. Because I mean it his beeswax, it just made sense that he gets to try the very first batch.

So the concept here is combining my different backgrounds into one. As that what’s makes Annie and Majoe Shea Beauty.

My drive and desire to achieve positive change allows me to grow into the successful online sustainable skin and hair care online store I aspire to be. It’s not just about offering environmentally, friendly and socially responsible products. I’m striving to inspire the world and my community to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. And empower women everywhere.


My first priority is to pay more than the fair trade price for the shea butter and black soap that is locally sourced from Sierra Leone and Tamale, Ghana. Also, to use recyclable and ethically produced materials and lastly to produce high quality handmade products and be cruelty free.​

Producer and consumer transparency is very important to me.
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